Common Accidents Involving the Elderly

Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime, anywhere. However, as we grow older and gradually get less and less agile, accidents can become more frequent and potentially more dangerous. And sadly, it doesn't matter whether you live in one of the care homes Hastings or a town house in Edinburgh, accidents happen everywhere.

The most common accidents to happen to older people are falls, burns and scalds, and fire-related accidents.


elderly accidents
Research shows that falls affect over a third of people 65 and over. And this can be down to a number of reasons. Impaired mobility can be an issue, whilst problems with eyesight can also be a contributing factor. It's also been shown that a lack of calcium and Vitamin D can lead to you being more likely to suffer a fall. If you're worried about falling, it's wise to make sure your home is safe from hazards. Ensure there are no trailing wires, loose rugs, and make sure you put any bags on a table instead of the floor to avoid tripping over them.

Burns and Scalds

It's a sad fact that a contact burn, once you're over 65, can sometimes prove fatal. So it's important to take care when using radiators, cookers and kettles, and even when you're running a bath. To help prevent accidents occurring, don't carry hot drinks further than you need to. If this means rearranging where your tea and coffee-making facilities are, do it as you could save your life. When you're using the hob to cook, always use the hobs at the back of the cooker first as it means that the pan handles won't be protruding out from the cooker and you'll be less likely to knock them over and cause a spillage of hot water. And when you're running a bath, always put the cold water in first.

Fire Accidents

In 2010, 143 people lost their lives to fire-related accidents, so it's important you take precautions to protect yourself from fire. As you get older your sense of smell diminishes so even if something is burning on the hob you may not smell it in time. To help prevent accidents, make sure you have smoke alarms fitted and keep them maintained and ensure they're working properly. If you smoke indoors, don't smoke in bed and check you've put your cigarette out fully. Lastly, if you use an electric blanket in winter make sure it's safe and remember to turn it off when you've finished using it.
Many of these accidents are unavoidable. Respite care and residential homes hastings can help to take care of those most in need.
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